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Super Ultra Chibi Kawaii Scuba Hampster of Doom!!'s Journal

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Tuesday, March 27th, 2007
1:00 pm
Whew, I know I haven't been on here in awhile. Life's been pretty hectic and busy lately with a lot of things going on. x_x;;

Well it's the 27th of March now and I have hit the big 21. Not that it matters much as I don't drink alchohol, but birthdays are always fun. So here's what I got for my burp day:

Yoshi's Island DS- Being a fan of Mario games, I needed to add this to my collection. The Shy Guys in this game rock! They're so friggin cute. I need to get sprites from this game sometime. o_o

Quantum Leap, Season 1- A favorite show of mine.

The Simpsons, Season 1- Finally got my first Simpsons DVD.

$100- From my parents. $25 of it was used for ordering Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin off of Half.com. $35 of it will go to Pokemon Diamond when it comes out.

World of Warcraft w/ Burning Crusade and 6 months- Alright, I know what you're thinking. You're probably confused since most you probably remember my grudge against it. Well I never said it was a bad game....but seriously, after thinking it over for a bit, I decided to plunge into it as not only can I do stuff with my friend and his family that left me in Everquest for it, I can have a Beastlord-like character with a Croc pet. I'm going to be casual on this one and still play Guild Wars....I still want to play Everquest 2, though.

I'm expecting money from my Canadian Grandma as well, but that's about it. It was a good burp day. Hopefully my picture request on the forum will be made as well. ^_^

Well that's all for now. ^^

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Thursday, February 22nd, 2007
10:30 am
Way back in the old days, my first fray into the Final Fantasy series was Final Fantasy 6, which at the time was called Final Fantasy 3 on the SNES since they originally skipped out on some of the other games in the series. Final Fantasy 6 is one of those games that I can play and never get old with it, to a point anyway. It's hard to describe why, though. In any case, now that it has gone portable, I bought it about two weeks ago and I'm getting near the end. Time to give my thoughts on it.

First off, the music isn't as bad as people make it out to be. Sure, it sounds downgraded in some cases, but other cases will cause you not to pay much attention to it as you play on because it sounds pretty good still.

The lag in game is mainly caused by things such as Sabin's Fire Dance/Raging Phoenix blitz or other multi-target attacks that do a bunch of stuff on screen. It's not too bad, though sometimes I'm hesitant on doing the blitz mentioned above. Think I'm getting use to it.

Most of you probably remember that the game has a new script now. The game now makes a whole lot more sense and adds more personality to the characters. Of course, some things from the SNES translation I miss, but overall it is a bit better translation, IMO.

The game is challenging if you are new to the game and you play without looking up hints. But if you're a veteran, like me, you'll cruise through the game. The Atma/Ultima Weapon use to kick my hiney from here to Narshe when I played the game. It was a battle I always dreaded. This time, I chose my characters more carefully, and just wiped the floor with him.

Speaking of characters, I've started making a bit more use of Terra in the game than I use to. Considering she can get a high magic block, and has a high magic skill, I've been using her a lot in my groups. I gotta look up more info on how to equip my other characters, though. ^^

Oh, and I'm also one of the few that apparently uses Umaro. There's nothing like a berserking yeti that will throw Relm or Mog at the enemy to cause damage. I don't like Cyan, since he's not that useful IMO, so I usually neglect him and keep him on the air ship at the end of the game.

So with that said, FF6A is a good buy and a lot of fun. ^_^

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Wednesday, February 14th, 2007
7:44 am
Happy Singles Awareness Day, everyone. Hope y'all are enjoying the day. ^_^

I hear Nintendo released Kid Icarus on the virtual console set for the holiday. Kinda cute, if you ask me. ^_^

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Wednesday, February 7th, 2007
9:10 am
I have been thinking, lately, of looking into Everquest II. I use to play a trial for it, and was in its beta, and I've always wanted to play it. The problem was that it didn't really run well on my computer in some places. I hear it's a bit better wit hthe fixed memory leaks now.

Originally I had my own community based on unlocking the Froglok race, which was locked until people did a quest on each server. Well since they've been unlocked for a long time, I had been planning on creating an all Froglok guild. Nowadays, I'm probably going to do something a little more casual.

The recent expansion has added a race called the Fae, which are basically fairies. I had the funny idea of making a Fairy Berserker....course I already have an Ogre Berserker. Still, the idea of an angry Fairy trying to tank a dragon is an amusing sight.

One thing I like about the game is that it has an ARAC system, meaning all races can be all classes. So you have your Ogre Wizards, Dark Elf Paladins, Halfling Shadow Knights, and Gnome Monks if you wanted to. Of course, you have to do a lengthy betrayal quest from the city you start in to do it.

On top of that, it's part of the Station Access, so I can play Everquest 1 if I wanted to and try out Vanguard, which looks interesting. ^_^

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Sunday, January 28th, 2007
6:18 pm
I am currently eagerly awaiting Febuary 5th. What is so special on that day, you ask? Two games are coming out that day that I have been waiting for, for a long time....

Diddy Kong Racing DS and Final Fantasy 6 Advance. ^____^

*obvious spoilers*

DKR is going to have online play, with custom tracks that are playable online, with Dixie and Tiny Kong replacing Conker and Banjo, and also having 4 hidden characters: Drumstick and T.T. are back, but Taj, the blue elephant, and wizpig, the main villain of the game, are playable now. There are upgradable vehicles, so I hope T.T. isn't unbalancing and everyone is him online. One worry I have is that for the car and plane, you have to rub the touch screen to get a boost in the beginning of a race.

Final Fantasy 6 Advance is the portable version of what was III for the SNES, with some new things like new espers, spells, and a bonus dungeon. I've been watching movies of it on YouTube, and there is some slowdown and the music quality isn't as good, but I don't mind. I'll just be happy to have a portable version of the game.

Unfortunatily, Febuary 5th doesn't seem to be coming up all that fast. I wish I could speed up time, sometimes. x_x;;;

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Monday, January 22nd, 2007
8:58 am
Well my Christmas break finally ended today. I start my online classes today but I go to campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with the latter having an evening class. At some point, I have to look for a job as well, more than likely at McDonald's again.

Lately I've been having something of an itch that Guild Wars can't scratch. I've been sorta yearning a MMORPG again, but unsure of what to do. It's pretty hard to find suggestions nowadays because people keep saying WoW, even though most of you know that I have a big grudge against it. I don't know if I could go back into the grinding phase I use to be in either, so that'll require some thought.

On another note, I survived last week's ice storm. The ice has finally started to melt and there wasn't much of a snowstorm that was predicted. So, I prevailed. ^_^

I'm off to do some work, lata!

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Thursday, January 11th, 2007
12:12 pm
A new year, a new period of gaming. This year games will be announced that we never would have thought about that will generate some excitement. Since this year is still the beginning of a new generation of consoles, I'll take a look at last gen and the current gen systems and offer my thoughts on each one.

Last Gen:

GameCube- The GameCube was the first system I got from last gen. It provided a lot of entertainment but....well most of the games didn't have the same impact as it did on the N64 and past that. In the beginning there were a lot of games to be excited for and were a lot of fun. As time went on, however, the newer releases, while still as fun, didn't generate as much excitement as before. That doesn't mean that I didn't have fun with the system of course. There are still games I want to add to my GameCube library as well. Perhaps I just need to widen my horizon and look into different genres of games and maybe try some that normally wouldn't interest me.

Playstation 2- The PS2 may have been the system I played the most. Ironically, I play compilations of older games on the PS2 more than regular PS2 games, but that isn't really a bad thing. The PS2 offered me a lot of compilation games, a pretty good DVD player, and some interesting games on it that I really need to research and get sometime. I'm still on my first, fat one as well!

Xbox- Xbox, I hardly knew ye....seriously, I've never played on a Xbox nor have I seen one being played in person. As one of my New Year's Resolutions, I will look for an original Xbox and see what I have been missing.

Current Gen:

Playstation 3- In all honestly, I don't want the PS3 to fail. Competition is always good and I'm sure eventually there will be some great games on it. However, I can't see myself paying $599 for a system I'd only use for gaming. As time goes on and new games come out for it, along with some price drops, I will look into getting one. For now, I can't afford one.

Nintendo Wii- The Wii is the first next-gen system I plan to get eventually. Right now, the demand is way too high for me to even find one. More than likely I may wait until Smash Brothers Brawl comes out before I pick one up. I'll keep my eyes peeled for one, still, and I think the Wii will go far as long as it doesn't contain too many games that use the Wiimote as a gimmick rather than add to the gameplay.

Xbox 360- The 360 interests me. However I'm a bit iffy on spending $399 for it. Also with the info I read about the version with the 120gb hard drive and HDMI port that will cost the same as the premium version will make me wait a bit. Hopefully when I do get one, the talk of how they overheat and break isn't as bad as it is made out to be.


Gameboy Advance- The GBA brought me a lot of fun. To be honest, I tend to like handheld games a bit more than console games. There are a lot of great games for the system and a good variety of games to boot. It's still alive and kicking today and has been integrated into the Nintendo DS, but it still remains as a great handheld.

Nintendo DS- The DS has offered me a whole lot of fun in addition to the GBA. Some online play and some good games offer a lot of fun, and there are plenty of good games out for it. As with the Wii, as long as there aren't too many games that make the stylus a gimmick rather than add to the gameplay, it'll continue to do just fine. Hopefully we'll see more online games in the future so I can make some friends.

Playstation Portable- I haven't tried it out yet but another of my New Year's Resolutions is to get one and try it out. I don't intend to the PSP for roms, rather I'm going to play it for the games it has. There are several games I want for it and I look very much forward to trying one out.

And those are my thoughts on last-gen and the current-gen gaming consoles and handhelds. ^_^

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Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007
4:51 pm
Another MMORPG will appear later this month, provided that all goes well of course. Vanguard: Saga of Heroes is what I am referring to.

Vanguard does have my interests some, though I have been reading a few negative things about it....then again it's like that for every MMO game. An open beta is said to be opening pretty soon also, so I might look into the game and see what it is like. Of course, I don't know if I could ever go back into the grinding of a regular MMO game.

I've also been sending info on Vanguard to my friend and his family members that I played with in EQ before they all went to WoW, partly hopeing to get them interested and away from WoW. However it mostly seems like a wasted effort given that the next expansion to WoW is coming out in a few weeks. His sister has said to me that if my friend and he cousin jump ship to another MMO game that she would prbably follow them but still play WoW with the two friends she got into the whole MMORPG business.

Another reason Vanguard interests me is because of that Station Access Pass I mention on here from time to time. It's on there, along with Everquest, so I can play them both under one fee.

Then again, Guild Wars has given me mostly what I've looked for in a MMO game, minus the online fees. I have some gripes about it but it's still pretty fun. I'm sure Vanguard doesn't even have a Guild Hall with 3 beaches, a tranquil waterfall, a ship, some huts, and stuff for that matter. So more than likely I'll stick with just Guild Wars.

Regardless of what I'll do, I'll always be playing Guild Wars. Though, I should play it again so I can get more money somehow and get more additions to the Guild Hall. ^_^

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Saturday, December 30th, 2006
11:34 pm
With New Year's Eve approaching, I've decided to make a few resolutions that I intend to keep in some form.

The first is to look into getting a Xbox and experiancing the types of goodies the system has. The Xbox has been the only console last-gen that I've never played or seen any gameplay of in real life rather than videoes online and being the open minded gamer that I am, I want to see what treasures are on it. I know of some games that do interest me on it, so hopefully I can get some money for one soon.

The next is to look into the PSP as well and see what goodies it has eventually. With a port of Final Fantasy Tactics, with some new things added to it apparently, the PSP has been tempting me a whole lot. Definitly will look into one for next year.

Next is a more serious one, which would be to try harder to learn more about computer science and keep it absorbed in my brain so I can use it in whatever job I'll have next year. Only one more semester to go till employment! ^^

And my last resolution would be to somehow get Smash Brothers Brawl and a Wii. With any luck we'll see more information as time goes on about the game.

Happy New Year's Day everyone! C-ya in 2007!

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Wednesday, December 27th, 2006
12:13 am
Hope everyone had a good Christmas. I don't really get anything since my parents don't celebrate it, though I did get $35 from my Canadian Grandmother. I'm just glad that next year is coming as it'll be easier to locate a Nintendo Wii somewhere. ^_^

So I hear that Final Fantasy Tactics for the PS1 is being ported to the PSP with some new features. That has perked up my interest in a PSP some more. Can't wait to get some form of news from it. ^^

Speaking of which, my sister got my brother-in-law a complete series of Inu-Yasha DvD's, I think. He got her Final Fantasy III, which I should get eventually so I can help her unlock the things you need from sending messages to each other.

As of late, I've been playing the Sega Genesis Collection game for the PS2 for quite awhile. Mostly been playing the Golden Axe series, which has gotten me interested in the whole side scrolling beat 'em up genre of gaming. The thing I don't understand is why everyone doesn't seem to like Golden Axe 3. That's actually my favorite of the three on there. Aside from that, I'veb een enjoying Sword of Vermilion, which has been interesting. Oh and been dabbling in Phantasty Star II, III, and IV for that matter.

Welp I'm off to bed, so enough rambling for now. ^^

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Thursday, December 21st, 2006
7:46 pm
So as it turns out, my dad and I talked and decided to wait until January of next year to start job hunting. I think it'd be easier to do it when Xmas shoppers are gone.

So I got my latest Nintendo Power and it has some spiffy things in it. First off, Diddy Kong Racing DS is coming out in Febuary. It'll have online play with up to 8 people I believe. Apparently, Dixie and Tiny Kong are replacing Banjo and Conker. There are also 4 hidden characters than the usual 2 from the N64 game.

Final Fantasy 6 Advance is coming out for the GBA, which is my favorite Final Fantasy. New espers, boss battles, and whatnot make me eager to get it. It is also coming out in Febuary! ^_^

And lastly my got the GC version of Twilight Princess, seeing as we can't find a Wii, so she can play it. We'll give it to my 2nd elder sister when she is done with it.

Well that's all for now, lata!

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Wednesday, December 20th, 2006
8:41 pm
Man, so many good games are out, or coming out. I need cash to get them. >.>

Tomarrow, the 21st of December, I get to go job hunting. I'm hopeing I don't end up working in McDonald's again but I may have to since they easily hire people. I will apply to different stores. As long as I get a job, I'm happy. I need money to get some games. ^_^

Wish me luck, please! ^_^

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Thursday, December 14th, 2006
10:15 pm
Now that this semester of classes is over, I now have some free time!....well until I get a job again. It may seem that I'll have to work at McDonald's again. Something I'm not looking forward to but, hey, I want an income.

With a new generation of video gaming, my interest in gaming has gone up a whole lot. Especcially for the Nintendo Wii. I've been finding a lot of games I'm interested in and should keep track with them in my Amazon.com wishlist. Once I actually find a Wii, have had no luck at all, I look forward to expanding my gaming library with that. =D

Some good news in regards to the Nintendo DS. Dragon Quest 9 is coming out for it....and it has Wifi for up to 4 people. They can hunt monsters with you and such apparently, sorta like a mini-version of Guild Wars. I hope it comes to North America. >.>;

Well I'm gonna go plan my job hunting and also my Wii hunting, if I can actually find one. x.x;

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Thursday, December 7th, 2006
5:44 pm
Next week is my last week, meaning finals are coming out. None of the finals I've taken for any class at my college was cumulative. Rather it's just a regular test. The sooner I get them done, though, the better. Then I get to go job hunting for a job until next semester starts.

Bought some max armor at the Consulate Docks for my Mesmer which looks really good, though it needs more color. Originally when I brought him to Post-Searing, I got some Rogue's Armor and a mask that raises my Fast Casting by one. The armor makes the caster look more like a swashbuckler and the mask made him look like he was a cyborg that had some of his artificial flesh torn off the side of his face. I even got a few comments shortly after putting my old armor on about how weird I looked. o_O;;;

Part of me still misses Everquest, and also a little part of me is still yearning for Everquest II. Guild Wars is a great alternative, especcially since it is free, but I kinda miss seeing vast worlds and hanging out with others and making friends. However I don't really miss the camping, grinding, and all that other good stuff. Still, part of me wonders what I'll be doing when I get my own income. Of course I'm still going to play Guild Wars, and it'd be hard to focus on more than one online game.

I remade characters I have, or have had, from Everquest in Guild Wars. Most of it worked out pretty well but given you can only be human, part of the appeal has semi-left. I can't exactly talk like I did with my Troll Beastlord who turned into a Ranger with a Beast Mastery focus. I can still act like I did from my Ogre Berserker who is now a big Warrior with a big hammer, however. Big, dumb, and strong. One of my favorite types of characters. I still miss their original selves though.

Well time to focus back on studying. *grumble grumbles until someone tosses him meat, promptly eats it, then vanishes letting them pass into the next room*

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Friday, December 1st, 2006
7:26 pm
Sorry if it seems like I've been ranting a lot. I'll try to do less of it after this entry. ^_^;

So with the recent update, the Elite area, Domain of Anguish, has opened and along with it is Razah, who is now a Ritualist hero. Unfortunatily, it seems that only the l33t uber people will be able to get it.


You have to find 4 gems, 1 in four different areas. How hard is this? Well, what I found on GameFAQs:

"The following environements effects are in place when entering an explorable area (one for each area)
- 50% chance to miss with attacks
- 10 damage every time you move
- 50 damage every time you evade, block or dodge an attack
- -2 EN every time you attack or use an attack skill

Monsters are all level 28 and have attributes way over 16 (think Cry of Frustration dealing 66 damage)

Certain Monsters have a Monster skill called "Enraged". It's effect:
Caster's attack and skill damage is increased by 25% and an additional 25% based on the amount of damage the caster has taken.
Reusable every 10 seconds. Meaning kill it in 10 seconds after they use that skill, or you're going to get a can of whoopass shoved up yours."

Not to mention people getting wiped as soon as they enter the area and there are no Rez Shrines. Did I mention there are no henchmen? You can take heroes though.

Looks like I may never get Razah unless they give an alternative way of getting him. If anyone reading this plays Guild Wars, be careful if you go to this. x_x;;;

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Tuesday, November 28th, 2006
5:19 pm
Still having trouble finding any decent farming builds in Guild Wars. I tried farming vermin with a monk partner, who gave me this vampyric horn bow to help up my DPS. No luck there as we still couldn't farm them easily. Guess vermin are out of the question then.

Tried an idea given to me by Maverynthia by doing the Consulate Docks mission and having my henchmen and heroes on the other side of the map as I loot coins. Doesn't work, though, as it'll still split cash no matter how far they are away.

Guess it is back to the drawing board eh?

I was considering letting others join our guild, but I'm not sure how to approach the idea. I don't want to do what people did that make me create the guild in the first cape, which was sending whispers to people not guilded asking why they aren't guilded and giving guild invites. There is a place on the Guild Wars Online community forums where you can advertise it but somehow I don't really see my guild being too appealing compaired to most others.

Pretty much my guild is strictly PvE, has a guild cape and hall with a bank and merchant, is Luxon based but we won't require faction farming of any kind, pretty much layed back, and I'd help members with stuff. The cape is of two fish appearing to jump out of the water while our Guild Hall is the Isle of Meditation, which has this nice, tranquil waterfall and some beaches. Perfect for just relaxing and stuff. ^_^

I spose I could give it a shot but I'm still a bit dubious about advertising some.

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Saturday, November 25th, 2006
11:22 am
Officially, my guild in Guild Wars is now Luxon based. Why Luxon? Here is why:


They have Siege Turtles. Siege fricking Turtles! Much better than some tree-hugging hippies like the Kurzicks have. ^_^

Now I have to get some money somehow and buy other things for the Guild Hall. A merchant is the next aim for me, as I can port to the Guild Hall to see/salvage loot I find without zoning into crowded and laggy cities. Not too sure where to go afterwards.

*goes to research farming builds*

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Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006
5:54 pm
Sorry for two posts in a row but I wanted to update with something.

Good news: Found Twilight Princess at Best Buy! ^_^

Bad News: Still have yet to find a Wii. ;_;

Oh well, got Sega Genesis Collection and Taito Legends so that and Guild Wars'll keep me busy. ^_^

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3:41 pm
I had been wanting to farm in Guild Wars for awhile, seeing as I'm always poor and a reasonably descent source of income would be very helpful. My main is a Ranger/Monk so I looked mostly into that. I found a "in-depth" video about Vermin farming in Factions:


Not really in-depth as he doesn't tell you what attribute points you need. I did incorporate some elements of that from his minotaur farming build, having the same skill set, since farming minotaurs with this build doesn't seem to work:


His build consisted of some skill points that I couldn't even get to, even with runes, though I was close by 1 or 2 points in three of the categories but I did meet the 14 in Marksmanship. There were two bows mentioned in the Minotaur video but seeing as I can't afford it from others, and can't farm them myself, I just got a max damage long bow in Droknar's thinking that the skill Barrage would do the most damage. Having two new pieces of max armor for some runes, I went to try it out.

Here's how the vermin farming went.

1st time: I died to the first group of 3. Timed my buffs better afterwards.

2nd time: I died after killing one of them. Fought both again, died after killing them because of poison and having no energy for Troll Unguent which is a self HP regen skill.

3rd time: Group had 4, I promptly died without doing much damage to any of them.

My main problem was energy. Following his instructions left me with little energy. Once something wears off, you have to cast something else all while using Barrage which takes 3 energy, due to my expertise skill. The main buff you cast first is an enchantment that takes off -1 in energy regeneration. Also once it got to the last step, casting whirling defense, the mobs were close to being almost dead but not exactly dead. My buffs would wear off soon afterwards. At that point I had no energy left as I'd be at 0 energy needing 3 to do Barrage for damage, then again all my buffs were still recharging so it isn't like I could do anything else, but would die soon afterwards mostly from the poison or whatever DoT's the vermin threw at me if I did survive.

Another problem is that in order to get even close to the number of skill attributes in the 4 skills I need, I have to have 2 superior runes, which take off -75 hp each. I guess 303 HP isn't the most but I don't think I could afford any Vigor Runes. That and I really didn't have much left to get more armor pieces to put in those runes. Looks like I need some HP runes here.

So I'm still semi-stuck money-wise, lost most of my money thinking this would work pretty well, especcially after hearing how vermin are easy to farm and net descent money. Guess I need more research.....and somehow get more money. o_O;;

I guess someone was right when asking on the Guild Wars Online Comminuty forums when he asked: "Why is making money such a mystery in Guild Wars?" Oh well, if at first you don't succeed, try and try again....and research.

Edit: Tried the Mino farming and went to test it on 2 minos rather than a bunch like the video. Problem was I didn't get their HP down to past half before dying. I think a better weapon is another problem on my part. I'll keep attemtping vermin when I feel aspired. I think I'll fiddle on my other characters some. Found some farming builds on other classes which I'll look into testing. At least I'm still having fun playing the game. ^_^

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Friday, November 17th, 2006
11:40 am
I'm feeling better since my last entry. I apparently just really needed to vent. Of course it is still fusterating to get suggestions involving things I can't get yet in Guild Wars.

So I took a small break looking up stuff and planned on what direction I should go. I went with some missions in Nightfall and found them very enjoyable. Eventually I got the Centaur Elementalist hero and the Corsair Ranger hero. The Centaur hero, named Zhed, was a big help in some of the missions. I needed the nukes to up my DPS. I took a break from Nightfall, was playing it for about...oohhh.....9 hours straight, and I tried one of the Prophecies missions again after buying some skills on my other characters for heroes to use, since any skills you unlock can be used by your heroes from any character.

After forming up some basic skill sets I went on with one of the 3 missions to get Ascended. The first time I did it, I read that DPS was important so I took 3 heroes that could do some damage and took a healer henchman. Went pretty badly because I think I took the wrong healer henchman. Lina, unlike Alesia, doesn't have the best healing spells and I didn't exactly know it at the time. So you can imagine wave after wave of mobs while everyone is close to 25% health and all you have is a health regenration spell for healing. I took in Talhkora in place of another hero and it went much much better.

I would like to get ahead in Factions but there is one mission I'm pretty much worried about, which is the one you have to do when you get to Factions as a non-Canthan character. It involves two teams, you and whatever you have and another human player and whatever they have on their team. If the game can't find another human player it adds computer NPC's. I've heard a lot of horror stories on this mission, due to human stupidity, rudeness, and such so I've been reluctant to do it, though I may attempt it soon. There are two missions like this but the first one, I read, is the worst.

So I'll just keep at it and hopefully get where I can be to upgrade skill sets and whatnot. So far so good, let's hope it stays that way. ^_^

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